BUS Members Featured in FITE Film, Premiering on October 12

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Four BUS members are featured in a film created here at Cal about their journeys from incarceration to education. From Incarceration to Education (FITE) Film will be screened in jails, prisons, and youth detention centers across the country, and is being created alongside an online database of regional and national programs that are available to assist incarcerated individuals upon release.

The film will be screened on campus on October 12. The event is sold out. Click here for more details.

UC Bans the Box

The entire University of California system has adopted a new policy to remove crime conviction history from the initial stages of the job application process. UC Berkeley implemented a similar policy change last year due in large parts to efforts from USI as part of a nationwide 'Ban the Box' campaign.

Read about it on UCnet by clicking HERE: UC is Changing its Hiring Policy to Remove Barriers to Opportunity

and on The Daily Californian Here: 'Ban the Box' Hiring Policy Extends to all UC Campuses.

Image courtesy of Clarence Ford

Image courtesy of Clarence Ford