UC Bans the Box

The entire University of California system has adopted a new policy to remove crime conviction history from the initial stages of the job application process. UC Berkeley implemented a similar policy change last year due in large parts to efforts from USI as part of a nationwide 'Ban the Box' campaign.

Read about it on UCnet by clicking HERE: UC is Changing its Hiring Policy to Remove Barriers to Opportunity

and on The Daily Californian Here: 'Ban the Box' Hiring Policy Extends to all UC Campuses.

Image courtesy of Clarence Ford

Image courtesy of Clarence Ford

Donate to USI Transition Scholarship

As many of you know, last year was the first ever UC Berkeley formerly incarcerated/system impacted student graduation. We are happy to announce that we will be hosting the 2nd graduation on Sunday, May 14th from 1-3 pm at Anna Head Alumnae Hall. 

We are asking for your help to fundraise for the students who are graduating. Many of them have to secure housing right after graduation and often face hardships doing so due to their past. We would like to provide each of them with a Transitional Scholarship to help them during their transition from UC Berkeley into their new Graduate Programs/Professional Roles. 

Donate HERE

BUS Founders named as 2016 Soros Justice Fellows

The two founders of Underground Scholars, Steven Czifra and Danny Murillo, were both named 2016 Soros Justice Fellows by the Open Society Foundations. The Foundation oversees and sponsors the fellows to challenge problems with the U.S. criminal justice system and push for change.

Steven Czifra will help formerly incarcerated community college students reach their full academic and professional potential by creating a pathway for admission to the University of California, Berkeley.’

Danny Murillo will work to empower formerly incarcerated students by creating a network of people throughout California who have successfully made the transition from incarceration to higher education.’

Read more here.